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What Happens When I Lose a Bracket/My Wire Is Poking Me?

Brackets that come unglued from the tooth are a normal part of having braces (even when we are extra careful of what we eat). This happens because the cement (or glue) that we use cannot be stronger than the enamel itself. When the bracket comes loose, we normally leave it attached to the wire until we can get you in for a repair. When your brace or attachment pops off it is NOT an emergency, but here are some answers you may be looking for if you have become uncomfortable.

Brackets are the small square shaped metal components glued to your teeth when you have braces. If there is a loose piece that you can remove, put it in a plastic bag or envelope and bring it with you to your next appointment. If a piece of the wire is poking out you can use the end of a pencil eraser to push it back down.

If your wire has slid out of the bracket, you can slide the wire back into the hole of the tube-shaped bracket at home using tweezers or needle nose pliers. If you are unable to guide the wire back in and are experiencing discomfort, use your wax! You will want to roll the wax into a ball and place it over the wire or bracket and push down (make sure the area is dry so the wax sticks)! If wax does not help, you may clip the wire at home using nail clippers. You will clip the wire BEHIND the last bracket that is glued to the tooth. This will make you comfortable until we can get you in for a repair.

After alleviating your discomfort at home, it is very important that you still call our office so we can determine if Dr. Miller needs to make a repair prior to your regularly scheduled appointment. Allowing your appliance or brackets to remain damaged for an extended period of time may result in disruptions and/or extensions to your treatment plan.

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