Spark Clear Aligner System

Common questions

What Happens If I lost an Attachment/button?

Attachments are the tooth-colored “bumps” that are bonded to the teeth (not all Spark patients will have attachments). They are placed at precise points to allow the aligners to grip your teeth as they are guiding them to their new locations. Buttons are small anchors that you attach your rubber bands or elastics to. Don’t worry if one of these has come unglued! It is not an emergency, but it is important to give us a call so we can determine if a repair is needed before your scheduled appointment.

What If I Lost an Aligner?

If you have lost an aligner, you may try moving into the next set. If the next set of aligners do not fit, please move back to the previous set of aligners and give our office a call. Always keep your previous aligner in case of this scenario!

If you think you might benefit from a Spark Clear Aligner System, call our office today so that our helpful staff members can further assist you.

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