Spark Clear Aligner System

Dental monitoring

What is Dental Monitoring (DM)?

Dental Monitoring is a cutting-edge technology that allows the doctor to monitor your Spark™ aligner progress without the need for you to step into our office. You simply download a ScanBoxpro app on your phone and follow the instructions to upload progress photographs with the aid of the ScanBox Pro.

The ScanBox Pro uses photo time-lapse technology to track tooth movement progress over the course of treatment. Dr. Miller uses this online interface to track your progress, ensuring you are on the right path with your treatment. When you upload your scan you will receive messages through the app regarding your progress. You will be notified if your aligners are not fitting the way they should be as well as missing attachments/buttons that need to be replaced. If you have questions regarding your scans or aligners you can send messages through the app that will be answered by our staff in the office, not just a robot! This technology allows you to spend less time in the treatment chair and more time doing the things you love, without compromising your results!

How do I use the ScanBox Pro?

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