Welcome to Miller Orthodontics where you will be treated kindly with respect and professionalism. Dr. Miller welcomes you to a safe space where you will be an active participant in your comprehensive smile transformation — from planning to maintaining. We love treating patients of all ages and addressing their individual and unique needs.

Video Testimonials

Our patients say.

“ At 53 years old I was told that braces would improve my bite. Really? At my age. I was referred to Miller Orthodontics and having met Dr. Miller decided this was the place to have the work done. He is wonderful and his staff is just like him, friendly, happy and professional.”


“ I am back for my third round of braces in my family. Dr. Miller and his staff are wonderful. He is kind, knowledgeable and works great with young kids (even ones who talk non-stop!). Dr. Miller explains everything in terms we can understand and listens to the kids and answers their questions even though he may be doing it for the third time.”


“We have an excellent experience every time we visit this Orthodontist. So far, they have seen two of my children and my third one can’t wait to get braces! Very attentive to my children and always communicates a plan with in depth detail. I highly recommend this Orthodontist and my kids smiles are perfect. Thank you!”


”Miller Orthodontics is awesome!! Great staff and fun, creative contingency management techniques used to motivate kids to take charge of their health! Highly Recommended! I am confident that Dr. Miller individualizes care and doesn't simply put everybody in braces. Very trustworthy!”


“Dr. Miller and his staff are amazing!! They put up with my antics while giving my daughter the best care possible. Honesty deserves loyalty and Miller orthodontist will be treating my other daughter soon!!!”


"Top notch. Dr. Miller was our second opinion after another orthodontist suggested highly aggressive and invasive treatments at a young age. Dr. Miller has done minimal treatments to allow his growing body to do its work better and do more treatment down the road...AFTER we see what his body can do on its own.”


Meet the Doctor

Dr. Miller’s approach to orthodontics is simple yet incredibly effective; he embraces each patient by recognizing them as an individual and understands that patient needs go beyond the clinical aspect when establishing a treatment plan. Each of Dr. Miller’s patients are an opportunity to create a healthy and magnificent smile and he treasures the uniqueness of them all. "The day my patient’s treatment concludes and they can proudly show off their new smile is truly the most gratifying day.”, Dr. Miller says.  He loves knowing his work creates not only long-lasting relationships but long-lasting results as well.

Spark Clear Aligner System

Spark™ Aligners are an alternative to braces that offer a comfortable treatment experience with highly effective results. This treatment modality uses a set of clear and removable plastic trays to move your teeth incrementally every week.

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