Two Phase Treatment

What is Two Phase or Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Two-phase orthodontic treatment is a specialized technique that allows Dr. Miller to begin treating a patient while they still have their primary teeth. The purpose of this process is to take advantage of the unique opportunities your child’s growing facial structure provides. The main goal of early treatment is to guide the growth and development of the patient in a way that will avoid more complicated or invasive treatments later on in life.

Why Would My Child Need Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment?

Your child may need early orthodontic treatment if they have:

  • Crowding
  • A narrow arch
  • A speech impediment
  • Difficulty chewing and/or biting
  • Still suck their thumb after age 5
  • Difficulty breathing through their mouth
  • Have a bite issue (Overbite/Underbite/Crossbite/Open Bite)

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What Happens If Treatment Is Put Off?

If early orthodontic treatment is pushed off there is a greater chance that more invasive treatments may be needed later on with a lesser likelihood of ideal results. Early treatment can help your child spend less time in braces, avoid extractions, avoid surgical orthodontics, and achieve the best results possible. When the first phase of treatment is completed, the second phase is more efficient and effective for lasting results.

Phase one:

As implied by the name, there are two phases to orthodontic treatment. The first phase is completed around the ages of 7-10 to help the jaw develop in a way that is beneficial to the permanent teeth. It allows for the permanent teeth to find an eruption path to avoid impaction or severe displacement. After your child has completed their Phase one treatment Dr. Miller will give them about a year or so to “rest” before beginning the next phase. This will give their mouth time to develop naturally so Dr. Miller can evaluate and determine which treatments they may need to correct any issues involving the permanent teeth which should have been decreased thanks to the first phase!

Phase two:

The second part of treatment takes place once the patient is a teenager and almost always involves full braces or aligners. The goal of the second phase is to make sure each tooth erupts into an exact location in the mouth where it is in harmony with the lips, cheeks, tongue, and other teeth. Completing phase-one maximizes the opportunity to achieve a healthy, functional, and aesthetic smile that will remain stable throughout your child’s life.

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