Types Of Braces

Types Of Braces:


Traditional metal braces are the most used and recognized type of braces. They offer highly predictable and effective results, even in complex cases. Today’s metal braces are more comfortable than ever before. Also, remember that metal braces do not have to be boring. You can express your personality by adding colored elastics of your choice to each bracket. We have so many colors to choose from!

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Clear (ceramic):

Ceramic braces are an aesthetic alternative to traditional metal braces. These braces are made of a clear material that makes them less noticeable than their shiny stainless-steel counterpart. However, ceramic braces are larger, more brittle, and require additional effort to keep clean. As a result, these braces are recommended to be used on the upper front teeth of older teenagers and adult patients who are willing to put in the extra work in exchange for less visible braces.

Clear Aligners: ‍

Spark™ and Invisalign™ Aligners are an alternative to braces that offer a comfortable treatment experience with highly effective results. This treatment modality uses a set of clear, removable plastic trays to move your teeth incrementally every week. The aligners are resistant to staining and allow you to show off your beautiful smile while undergoing treatment. Please refer to the "Spark Clear Aligner System" page under "Treatments" for more information regarding Spark Aligners.

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